I have worked in the print trade, done a bit of spot welding, painting and decorating and worked for many years in the book trade. I have gigged and recorded with a number of bands, I also created a children's book, "Digby The Big Bee", I regularly walk around London taking photos [of walls mostly!] some of which you can find here.

The photos are printed and supplied by Printspace in Shoreditch. I am also trying to realise various other art projects, to join the digital stuff in the store soon.

I try to post a photo to Instagram on a daily basis and Tweet erratically.

Past Exhibitions  [all joint shows]
Hang Your Pixels Even Hype, Amsterdam 2006
Untamed Mercedes-Benz. com, Paris 2013
Four untitled images; Photocopy Club, Beach Gallery, London 2011
Kraftwerk Have Left The Building, Bleeding London, City Hall, London 2015
Abstract Water, Breathing London, Embassy of Croatia, London 2017
In the Studio: Art by MoMA’s Online Learning Community (group slideshow)
The Lewis B. and Dorothy Cullman Education and Research Building of The Museum of Modern Art, New York January 5–22, 2018​
London Calling: Photocopy Club, V3, 100 Lower Marsh, Lambeth, London SE1 7AB January 11 - February 3

Digitalia Blurb Books 2008
Random Features Blurb Books 2010
Mostly Devoid of Colour Blurb Books 2015
Digby The Big Bee Blurb Books 2017
Artefacts Blurb Books 2017

My Photographs have been featured by the following:
Radiolab WNYC
Eyes of the World Media Group
Travel Professional Magazine
Liquid Luck Productions
Whitechapel AM
Antiquarian Horological Society
European Graduate School
Cent Magazine
India Boating
French Property Centre
Trinity College, Dublin

Books Available From http://www.blurb.com/user/store/SteveWilde
Digitalia Prints Available From ​http://stevewilde.imagekind.com/Digitalia